Project nautilUS

Project nautilUS Brand Guidelines

Before using any of the Project nautilUS brand resources, please take a minute to review the brand guidelines. The guidelines gather the basic tools for the correct use and graphic application of the Project nautilUS brand in all its possible expressions. It has been designed with the needs of all those responsible for interpreting, articulating, communicating and applying the brand in its different areas. The correct and consistent use of the Project nautilUS brand will contribute to its easy recognition and reinforcement in the message we intend to transmit.

Project nautilUS logo


Please feel free to use these Project nautilUS logos.

If you are unsure as to which logo to use please contact the media adviser.

Project nautilUS Social Media Assets

To prevent the Project nautilUS brand becoming diluted, social media assets must be approved by the media department before use.

Social Media templates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be provided upon request.

Exhibition/POS Displays


If you would like to request one of our Project nautilUS roller posters

or a bespoke exhibition stand, please consult the project media adviser.

This project is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency.