Project nautilUS


Project nautilUS will develop a small intrinsically safe robot to perform in-service inspection. The bathyscaphic robot will use active buoyancy control to hop around a tank and use an ultrasound probe to make measurements of floor thinning each time the robot lands and record data regarding location for post-processing after the robot is retrieved. .  


The consortium is made up of three industry partners and one university. PROJECT NAUTILUS brings together a multidisciplinary partnership with the experience and expertise to efficiently implement the work in addressing the skills needs of Project Nautilus, as well as to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project outcomes.



The design aims to obtain the smallest possible footprint to allow entry via the smallest manholes of liquid storage tanks.  For the robot to perform an inspection in an explosive and flammable environment, the robot operation must avoid sparking which can create an explosion in the tank due to heat and the presence of vapour.


Like all businesses, we have a reputation to maintain. Our reputation is not just about what we think we stand for, but what other people perceive Project Nautilus to be. Our logo and our visual identity reflect who we are and how our brand is portrayed.



This project is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency.